What are the best nursing programs in Virginia?


I am looking at Virginia schools to get my BSN. I am a high school senior right now, and I really feel that I want to go into nursing. I like the idea of a smaller school, but I think I could enjoy a large school as well. I really like the direct-entry programs, so that I am certain that I am guaranteed a spot in the nursing program as soon as I am admitted to the school, but I am not ruling out schools where you apply to the nursing department later.

I would really appreciate advice on which schools you feel have the strongest BSN programs in Virginia. Specifically, I am currently looking at UVA, Longwood University, Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), and James Madison University (JMU). Any other ideas of schools would also be great!

Thank you so much for your help!

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I applaud you for looking at the BSN programs. There are several good ones in Virginia. My hospital would consider hiring a graduate from any one of the programs you mentioned (though the Longwood program is brand new and we would be a little cautious there) as well as several other BSN programs -- such as ODU, Sentara, Radford, and George Mason.


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If you are planning on staying around the JMU/EMU area, I would go to EMU. Our local hospital staffs way more EMU grads than JMU, and working on the floor, EMU students tend to act better and think more than the JMU clans. Not dogging JMU, but those are my personal feelings.