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What does anesthesia rounding RN do?


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I had an anesthesiologist mention to me that they are looking for a rounding nurse on the weekends. Does anyone know what this entails? I really didn't take him seriously but then I started thinking more about it and I'm going to ask him more when I see him next but I always like to go in with some idea what I'm talking about.

I think anesthesiologists are required to followup and check to see if patients who received anesthesia had any complications (perhaps within 24 hours or something) so I'm guessing they're looking for a nurse to do this on the weekend. I see little brief anesthesia nurse notes in the patient records (like only two or three lines of text) so I'm guessing that's the position. Does anybody know anything about this? If so, what does the assessment entail? I'm thinking this would only be a few hour to round on some patients but I really don't know. Would appreciate any info.