WGU RN to BSN book list


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Hey nurses, I had a quick question about the WGU program: Is anyone able to provide a list of books that are used for the program? I'm trying to buy some of the books prior to class (use some 2022 CE funds before they expire), I know the ebook is included in the courses but I adamantly hate ebooks. I tried getting a list of books from the school but they weren't able to help me out until further in my registration process. This is a list of some of the courses I'll be taking:

D236 Pathophysiology

Applied Healthcare Statistics

Interprofessional Communication and Leadership in Healthcare

Intrapersonal Leadership and Professional Growth

Scholarship in Nursing Practice

Information Technology in Nursing Practice

Organizational Systems and Healthcare Transformation

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Healthcare Policy and Economics

Global and Population Health

Emerging Professional Practice


Thanks in advance!