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WGU BSN job outlook in Indiana

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Hello everyone. I created an account here just for this post because I haven't found a definitive answer. However, during my research on here I've found so much helpful information, so thank you all for your informative posts.

I am a guy in my early 40's and have decided to get a BSN. I live in Indianapolis and am looking at a few different programs. An accelerated BSN is pretty intriguing, but from what I've seen they are rather expensive. I came across WGU I can't ignore the extremely affordable price tag in comparison to other schools. 

I am hesitant about moving forward simply because I want to ensure that if I do go with WGU that I will be able to find a good job afterward. While I would be saving a lot of money by taking the WGU route, it would obviously take significantly longer than an ABSN. I would be willing to do it if I knew that there are excellent job prospects waiting for me upon completion, but if there was any question about that, I would much rather pay the extra money and either go the ABSN route, or even to another more expensive school that takes just as long but I could rest assured that my time in school is being well spent towards a productive future.

I would so very much appreciate anyone's personal experience in Indiana on this (or even outside of Indiana if it's relevant). For those of you who have done a BSN through WGU, will you please share your personal opinions/stories on how this route has panned out for you? Was it worth it? Did you get a good job after completion of the program, and what is your job? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from as many people as possible.

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