WGU Bachelors Nursing program Review


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 I just wanted to put in my info about this program because when I first started I was searching High and low to find out info so I knew what I was getting into. I was a traditional student for my nursing degree and went to Salt Lake Community college so was a little nervous about online learning without more direction. I cannot say enough about what a totally great experience I have had. Enough for me to get on and post about it and trust me I have no affiliation and am not getting a thing for this post. This is purely because I was the scared student looking for my bachelors needing info and it was people that did exactly what I am doing now that gave me the courage to blindly give money to an online school. 

Wow am I glad I did. From the beginning to the very end WGU has been so professional and fantastic at every turn. The plat form is super easy to use. You do not have to do any random discussion boards that are inconvenient to the working nurse. There are only deadlines from when the class starts to when it ends. Typically that is a month or two. Whenever I needed anything the tech dept was right there. My mentor was fantastic. In the beginning I will be honest, I was kind of annoyed at having a mentor because I don't really need someone to hold my hand. I am and always have been a self starter and self motivated. NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT A SELF STARTER THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU. I have seen some people get online trashing WGU and my only guess would be is that they are not self starters or self motivated and do need some extra guidance. 

Not saying one way of learning is above the other but I am saying that some people simply do better in a sit down classroom. To hear and see visuals etc. What impressed me the most is that it seems like it was all on my time. I thought it was going to really be painful because I work full time. I do not have kids at home they are grown, but do love my weekends off so I thought I would have to sacrifice those to get this done. I finished my degree in 18 months. I had my weekends to play around and on the days I didn't work I did put in the time. Usually 6-8 hour days approx 2-3 days a week depending on the class you are taking. Sometimes a little more some times less but that is a rough estimate. 

The toughest class for me was statistics. I am not at all in any way shape or form a math person so I will level with you this one through me into a moment where I at times did not think I would complete the degree for a couple min. I had some panicked feelings because I detest math! But I called out to WGU and they were right there every single time at every single step. They have a math dept and they will literally link up to your computer and share screens so you have a tutor at your fingertips. This was a life saver to me as one of the worst things in math is getting stuck and not being able to proceed. 

It is not as though they took hours to respond either. Alot of times it was instant. All of my testing was done proctored on a camera at home. It was very easy and there were a couple times that I had a setback with the camera especially when covid first started because they couldn't proctor as many students due to limited space at the proctoring center and how many proctors they would allow in their facility to actually observe the student. It was a glitch that was super annoying at the time and set me back all of about an hour but realistically looking back most of my testing went down without a hitch, which is super impressive to not have to drive anywhere!

I absolutely cannot say enough about my mentor Tammy. She was invaluable to my success even though I resisted having someone call me to check in regularly and was slightly put off by it in the beginning she has proven to be the best part of WGU because of her willingness to always answer questions and get me the answers I need almost immediately or at least in a few hours.

For anybody that is considering taking an online program this one is highly recommended. I think in the end I will have spent 9k-ish but as far as I am concerned money well spent and WGU made my journey a very comfortable ride. Very nice people all of them. The only negative thing that I would say is in regard to payment. There was one month that I was particularly having a tough time and was paying cash all the way up, they would not let me slide not even a month and to me I thought that was a little lame since I was paying cash and things were tough. I think a little amount of leniency can go a long way. 

Some people take advantage and I understand that but for those of us that do not and do have little glitches it is nice to know that they will give you an inch or two until you are back up. Not a mile! but an inch. Thanks for listening and I am glad I did it! Happy with my choice and so glad I stumbled upon such a GEM!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I really appreciate it. I am looking to have everything I need to be admitted to the BSN program this Summer and I'm super excited. Reading your post and further assured me that I am making the right choice. 

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Your welcome! Good luck it will be over much quicker than you think!🙂


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Thank you for your post.  I am qualified for consideration right now in Dallas.  The waiting game is killing me. I am also applying to few other schools but honestly, I like this program the most. I worked at home for 10 years so I know the drill.  Did you do your full BSN or did you do the RN to BSN?  

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Yes, the wait to find out your future is a hard one! I did the RN to BSN program. I don’t have any info on their nursing program, I went to community college and then WGU. If it is anything like their RN-BSN program it will be great! Good luck and keep us posted!