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Western University fall 2015 msn/fnp


Hi did anyone apply for this? Looking to talk to future students. My app is in. Deadline was March 1

WUHS in Pomona, CA? I did in mid-February. It seems like they make admissions decisions starting in April which odd because they technically start in the summer, and the summer semester starts at the end of April. The thread for last year had people posting their admission decisions on April 25th. Also, the summer course is not covered by financial aid, so it seems they give you a couple weeks to come up with $2400? I was accepted into Georgetown and Simmons but waiting to hear from WUHS before making a final commitment. I'd love to hear from anyone who completed the program recently.

I applied in mid December as well. I was told they would get back to me by end of April for the Fall 2015 start date. Has anyone heard anything yet? :)

I'll post as soon as I hear anything. I have a feeling it will be towards the middle or end of this month.

I received my acceptance letter today! Good luck to everyone!

I received my acceptance email today!

@seashellgirl. Send me your info if you'd like. I'm moving to LA in June and will not know a single person out there. Plus it would be nice to know someone starting the program with me. My email is ellestarnes@yahoo.com