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  1. Hi, everyone! I will be starting RN-BSN June 1st anyone else starting then or currently in program? I have been an RN for 22 years and have not been in school for awhile. Looking for some tips/advice on how taskstream rubrics work. Thanks for any comments. I look forward to finding fellow students to go through program with!!
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  3. by   erinmichele
    I start July 1 st
  4. by   pan1
    Great, let's keep in touch! I hav 38 units to complete. How many do you have erinmichele?
  5. by   erinmichele
    37... Not liking I have to retake stats and human growth and dev. I have a bs in family and child science but they wouldn't accept my appeal
  6. by   pan1
    I can relate I have to retake microbiology. But I guess it could be a lot worse I am not thrilled about statistics I am hoping someone who is currently in the program can give us a heads up about how the course is if it's all math or what. I read on some earlier posts that it's a lot of definitions and such?! Hope that's true.
  7. by   nightflower
    I'll be starting soon! No set date yet. One user gave his advice for the Stats course: watch pre-recorded lectures, do course modules (score at least 80%), do worksheets and watch master videos. He also said the Acrobatiq checkpoints, knowing the 5 number spread, standard deviation rule, IQR, sample methods, and quantitative vs. categorical were helpful. Although, there are users here who did not watch any videos for any courses and suggest just using the directions from Taskstream.
  8. by   pan1
    Hi, nightflower! Thanks so much for the tips I guess everyone has their own way in getting through the courses. But every little piece of advice helps. Let us know when u get started!
  9. by   kes2671
    Hi Guys!! I will be starting in either July or August!!! I can't wait!!
  10. by   beingthankful
    I'll be starting June 1. I'm excited & horrified all at the same time!
  11. by   pan1
    Hi, kes2671 and beingthankful! I am glad to hav some peers to go through this with I totally understand being excited and horrified!! I think the hardest part now is the not knowing exactly what to expect. Hav a great day!!
  12. by   loveflowRN
    I will be starting June 1st too. Can't wait!
  13. by   loveflowRN
    Me too, I will be starting June 1st. So excited!
  14. by   kes2671
    We should start a Facebook page for our little group!! I'm on as Kayla Elizabeth Strickland; feel free to add me!! Good luck guys

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