Kindle Fire HD (2nd Generation) and WGU Flash Content

  1. Hi everyone! I have conquered Kindle Fire HD's total lack of Flash viewer (which really puts a cramp in watching videos). To the point that when the ad comes on comparing the iPad with the Windows Tablet, my husband starts apologizing for not getting me the latter, instead of the Kindle.

    I found this great thread on the Amazon site that lays out what to do in easy steps, which also do not require you to connect your Kindle to a regular PC to "sideload" apps.

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    "Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player on all Android devices (not just the Fire) in August 2012. Amazon can't provide it. Therefore, you need to manually install it.

    However, Amazon has provided the Experimental Streaming Viewer.

    The Experimental Streaming Viewer allows you to view videos on the web using Silk.
    Many websites work better using this streaming viewer than using Flash Player.

    Go to the Web tab > Menu > Settings > Accelerated page loading > turn on.

    This will turn on two other settings:
    - Enable Flash Forward
    - Prompt for experimental streaming viewer

    Complete information is here, including how to use the viewer:

    You need to have the latest software update to use this:

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    If that doesn't give you the desired results: (poster's note: which it won't, believe me!)

    To install Flash: (You have to have a Flash compatible browser in order to install Flash. You can't install it under Silk.)

    Do the following on the Fire / Fire HD itself:

    Swipe down from the top > More > Device > Allow Installation of Applications.

    Download and install the Dolphin Browser and Flash Player .apk files from these links:

    *Dolphin Browser version 9.2.0:

    *Flash Player for ICS version 11.1:

    Once both files are downloaded to your Fire, on the Home screen of your Fire, swipe from the top and tap on the .apk files in your notifications to install them.

    Install Dolphin *first*. Then Install Flash.

    When you launch the Dolphin browser, go into the settings and make sure "User Agent" is set to "Desktop."

    **NOTE** - It may be helpful to you to watch the tutorial video for the Fire HD on the goodereader website first:


    To copy and paste the links from your Fire (this works best if you're using a stylus):
    - Press on the first part of the link.
    - Two brackets will appear.
    - Move the right bracket to the very end of the link. Make sure you get all of it highlighted.
    - Then select Copy from the popup box.
    - Click on the + in the upper right of web page you're on to open a new tab.
    - Tap in the URL field and an option to Paste will appear. Tap that.
    - The website link will open up.
    - Tap the file you want to download.
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