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Western Governors University (WGU) FLORIDA

by Pierre12772 Pierre12772 (New) New Pre-Student

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Hey hope everyone is doing well,

Just wanted to start this forum for anyone applying for WGU in Florida. I know they haven't given out any dates yet, but they should be coming out with some soon.

I'm in the Daytona area so that's where I will be applying when the time comes this year. I only have 2 more pre reqs to finish.

Let me know where you guys plan on going and when do you plan to start.

I am actually in Panama City Beach and originally from Orlando - applying for Daytona as well.  I have to redo pharm since it’s too old and going to retake A & P. Planning on trying to finish this all up by the end of the Summer and apply.  Was hoping to find more people that are applying.