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is western governor university's RN to BSN program accredited in CA ???

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I am looking into taking the RN to BSN program at WGU. I have read lots of positive and negative reviews here in allnurses.com but mostly from people out of CA. I tried calling the CA Boards to check but they said that since the school is not in CA, they have no jurisdiction over it and thus cannot tell me if they are accredited or not. WGU is in their list of schools but it does say on top that they neither approve or disapprove of the schools listed on their site. The funny thing too is that WGU is listed in their Baccalaureate schools but not in the RN to BSN schools.

If someone is taking the RN to BSN program at WGU, please post comments on how you find the program. Also, if anyone knows of a good and accredited online program for RN to BSN, please share more info. I really want to pursue my BSN but am working full time so I need the flexibility of online classes.

Thank you :)

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Western Governors University is on the CA BRN website as an accredited program. They also have programs for Texas and I heard starting up in Utah too. They also have a program in Southern CA. Hope this helps.

You may also want to try Indiana State Universitys RN-BSN program, they are also accredited through CA. Good Luck

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