Waiting for PSB-PN test results to get into my local LPN program

  1. hello, i was wanting to inquire if anyone had any information such as scoring and etc on the psb-pn test. the instructor that issued the exam said that it would take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to get the results. i am in one of those states where i wish it were now and not have to wait a whole week. the thing that i am most worried about is out of the five sections the very first one, there were 90 questions. out of the 90 questions i only answered 65. four out of the first 61 i skimmed through quickly and kind of guessed on when she said there was so much time left. they were ones i had skipped and went past. after those 61 i answered about 4 more that caught my eye that i thought i would have a chance in getting right. the instructor said you had to score atleast 40% or better on each section. well 50% of 90 would be 45 questions. so i may have a chance in passing that part. i was so upset that i did not finish that section. all the others i finished except 3 questions on the last section. the judgement part, where you were supposed to answer with what comes to mind first. i feel awful but i am so bad with math. i am an aspiring rn one day. i go to a community college at the present time, getting an associates degree in medical assisting. but that is and was just to get me through the medical field door. my true passion is one day working in the neonatal unit as an rn. when i found out about this lpn program at another local school it had me very interested. so i went from there. any advice would be much appreciated. i am just so afraid that first section is going to fail me.
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