Moving to Charleston, I miss the hills, any suggestions?

  1. Hey fellow WV RNs!
    I went to WVU to get my BSN degree and I moved down to Durham, NC shortly after that to work at Duke Med Ctr. I have to say, I am really missing home! I am from Charleston originally, and I am thinking of coming back up to work at CAMC and hopefully get into CAMC's CRNA program. Any suggestions on good ICU units at CAMC? I currently work in the MICU here. Also, my husband wants to go back to school and get his LPN certification once we get back (in a year or so) any suggestions on good schools for that?
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  3. by   Noryn
    I have limited experience with CAMC but I have heard good things about the MICU at Memorial. I think there are several LPN schools in the area but you would need to contact the board to find out the passage rates, I am not familar with any of them. Although I will say that in WV or at least the Charleston area, job opportunities are going to be severely limited for lpns--pretty much only nursing homes. I have not seen a posting for a LPN at any of the hospitals for a long time. Not saying they dont hire LPNs but they definitely do not hire them as often as they used to.
  4. by   cpnegrad07
    I have to agree about the decreased use of LPNs in CAMC, in my limited experience.