West Penn Nursing students anyone ever live on campus?


I have just applied to their program, and if I am accepted I plan on living there. I can't find any info anywhere other than on their sight about their housing. I was just wondering if any other ppl on the board have lived there, and how was your experience. I live about an hour away and have a learning disability so that is why I plan on living there. Plus I like the idea of the hospital being right there! I can't wait to be a nurse. Any info anyone can give me thanks in advance!:D

Also can anyone who attended or attends tell me how long it takes to find out if you have gotten into their program? Do they admit on a rolling basis, or do they wait until the cut off date in April and then let everyone know?


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I didn't live there but a number of classmates did. In general, I think it provided less distraction for them than living elsewhere. I was lucky to find a house two blocks from the hospital. The one thing to keep in mind though is that the building is probably 70 years old if not more and describing the rooms as "sparse" is generous. They were making plans to renovate the building several years ago when I was there; I don't know if those plans moved forward or if they just did the exterior facade.

Good luck!

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