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West Coast University Doral

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Hi. I'm looking into starting West Coast University in Doral, Fl. I just want to know the experience of current students. Miami is becoming highly competitive and requiring a BSN. I just want ant to know if it's worth the cost. If the professors are helpful, classes, clinicals. Any info would be appreciated?

Hi Moni-4782 ,

I am a senior student at WCU , and i totally recommended . School is expensive , but like you said miami is very competitive and most nursing programs have a lot of requirements . Professors some are good , some not so good , like every school you go . All i can say is that is not going to be easy , but it will be worth it ! so far we have 100 % passing rate .

Good luck !!!

I am starting on June 12. I have two semesters before I start core classes. So far the school looks great and I work at a hospital where the students do clinicals. I have heard great things from them.

I'm also starting on 6/12. I got freaked out because someone I know told me that the school sets you up for failure. I don't like negative people but then I thought maybe someone who goes there and give me a heads up. Thanks for the info. I also start nursing core in January. I'm going to night and weekends. Are you as well?

Moni ,you will hear a lot of complains from people that dont do what they are suppose to do . Nursing school is hard and we all know that .Make sure you use all the resources (which are a lot ) . Good luck !