Wellness Screening (Part time) work


Hello people....

I am new here and I joined because this nurse community looks like it

is very informative and helpful.

I was wondering what wellness companies operate in the North east (Maryland) area?

I am starting my RN to BSN (full time) this coming fall semester. I think wellness screenings

is something I can do while schooling full time.

Which Wellness screening companies have many clinics that I could get a few clinics

each week? I was hired by one wellness screening company - Totalwellness - 2 months ago and

they have had about only 3 clinics.

Which Flu shot company has many flu clincs in the North east - (Maryland) area?

Thanks for helping me with my questions.


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Is there no one who can help me?


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Are you a nurse? Just asking cause you didn't say & since no one has offered help, I thought I would try. Now I don't live in Maryland but I'd look into the state specific page here on AN & ask there. You will probably have a better chance of responses. Good luck!