Week Two


Soooo much studying...so much learning...and already two exams in! We were also assigned a project that is due in one month on top of all of the homework and exams we have to do. Skills lab work...online case studies to complete! It is sooo much information but I am keeping up!

So far I've made all A grades with the exception of one high B on an A&P practice test. I'm starting out very strong and I want to continue this trend of hard work and strong academics. I'd hate to be one of those students that finds themselves teetering on the brink of passing/failing, or one that knows they are going to fail and has no way out.

I hope everyone else is doing well in their studies! If so, keep it up, if not, DON'T GIVE UP! Apply yourself, assess your own study habits and thought processes and figure out where you can make some changes! Stay organized and focus! Trust me, it will all come together for you. Well, I just wanted to update you all on my journey so far! Have an A&P exam in the morning, so back to studying! God bless you all! :geek:


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Thanks for the motication I am starting school October 01 at the center for allied health and nursing education in hackensak new jersey, i think i am going to start reading up on A&P so i don't get left behind keep up the good work we are the new future of nurses.