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8 week sessions at TCC

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Hi I was wondering if anyone had taken classes during the 8 week sessions at Tidewater community college. And also wondering which classes you took and if you liked it or other opinions you have on it. I need some help before I sign up next week.



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I took A&P 1 there in the summer of 09. It was fairly hectic but I did ok. One guy that was going to go on to medical school took both that class and Micro. He must have been somewhat of a genius, he got A's in both. I did very well too, they graded on a good curve.

I think it depends on what campus you attend. Not trying to dispute the message above, but I've taken both A&P's and Micro at TCC. There was no curve. You got what you got. Now,that being said, a lot of professors will offer extra credit. Make sure you do it. It will help!! In addition to the sciences, I've had SDV 101, three different Psych's, an ethics class and Statistics. It's a great place to get a good education but you can't slack. If you do the work and keep up with the classes, you'll do great! Good luck to you!!