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Well, I have completed the first week of nursing school. Let's just say it is very overwhelming, the amount of material covered is enormous. I was able to put everything on one calendar and now feel as if it is a bit more managable. I'll just tackle it one day at a time. On the up side, I have some great students in my labs, as dedicated to succeeding as I am, so I will have a good base to practice with. I was able to pass my first skill return with an excellent yesterday! :rotfl:

One thing that was unbelievable to me, yesterday around 5 people did not show for lecture. After getting into the program I cannot believe you would skip class in the first week. Probably my age, lol.

Thanks for listening, I must work on my Medical Term online course now.

Say a prayer for me if you can.


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Congratulations on completing your first week..... and Congrats on passing your first skills exam. It sounds like you are on a good start.....everyone keeps telling me that organization is the key....I'll have to remember that when I start school in the Fall.


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