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Hey i was excepted to the lvn program at weatherford college. for fall of 09 i was wondering if anyone has participated in the program. and any infor or advice. like was it extremely hard.. or was it manageable as long as you did work.. etc pretty much any infor or details would be helpful and very appreciated im trying to decided if i should do that or ma program. Thanks!


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hey still looking for some help here


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Weatherford College has a wonderful Vocational nursing program. They have an excellent pass rate on the nclex. If you ever are having a hard time let them know and they will help you. If you have already purchased your nutrition book I would do the end of the chapter questions. Also, start making some flash cards. Nutrition was the hardest class for me. Utilize the workbooks that come with your text books. When you see the back to school folders with brads buy quite a few. I had a hard time finding them at the end of August. I wish you the best of luck. It was truly the best year. If you study, do your homework, and be respectful you will be just fine. When it gets tought don't give up. You will be very overwhelmed the first few weeks. Its a big change sitting in a classroom all day with so many people.

Take Care


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I got accepted in the LVN program for 2010...I was wondering if you had any other pointers..Im so unbelievabley nervous...I already want to quit..just got my books and it is very overwhelming...also when I went to orientation they talked about a math exam either you fail out or you pass..:/ I really want to be a nurse..I believe its my passion..but what if I'm not fit for it??

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