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We are all Nurses

Pyoung142 Pyoung142 (New) New

Recently Iwas hired on a job as an LPN. I have been a nurse 30 years.I work around a group of RNs. I have never been formally introduced to my team. The RNs that I work with at first I thought were professional this is my fifth week here. I have found that this behavior that I had run into by the RNs is completely rude and condescending to me.

I have never been treated so horribly on a job and now I feel like I am not confident to do anything because I don't do it the way they want.

I've asked them to show me what they like I have been told to figure it out myself. Very hurt full.

My message I would like to put out as

"we are all nurses"we all have tiles behind our names.

I expect to be treated with respect. Again we all have titles behind our names we are all nurses we should all band together help one another as we do our Patients.

Be respectful to all nurses.


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