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I finally figured out how to do it!!!......Yayyy....I guess it's the future RN in me...lol...I had A & P tonight....it was great...we learned all about the terminologies that you use when describing different parts of the body...we have a lab on it on Tuesday...I'm glad we have a long weekend.....lots of studying to do. :rolleyes:


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Hey Fatima,

It's great that you enjoyed your A&P class tonight. A&P isn't really that bad, it just takes regular attendance, note taking, studying, and doing all labs. Whenever I/you/someone gets flustere or overwhelmed, just step back and remember that we're not the only ones struggling or feeling overwhelmed. We are intelligent, and if we realize, "I can only understand what can understand" and you realize your fellow students are no better than you, you will fair much better.


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