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Gosh, I never realized how much Nurses needed a voice until I began working in my chosen profession, Nursing.

As a relatively new "baby" nurse ( 2 years ) I am completely discouraged and overwhelmed at what the profession is all about.

Last night I was left with 8 patients, no aides, or fellow nurses. Three where fresh surgeries one of which tested + for barbituates and was completely out of it. Two attempts to crawl over bedrails with foley, IV, fresh incision and two attempts to smoke in bed. Thank GOD I was able to be down the hall at the right times.I didnt think 7:00 am was ever going to come. Now remember,.. she wasnt my only patient,....I had 7 more.

Head nurse walked in and I immediately told her of the predicament. Her response was "sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do". Budget, budget, budget. Okay so when does human safety ( and a nurses sanity ) come before the almighty dollar?

I wonder about a profession who does so little to honor "the blood" of there own. I was so proud to become a nurse, but now I wonder.


Elizabeth Marshall

Although I'm not a floor nurse at this time I did work on a stepdown unit for post CTICU patients. I just can't believe how nurses everywhere are in the same situation your in. I learned to document everything. I also worked many nights alone with 6 - 8 patients and also worked many doubles due to short staffing by super. We also are looking at unions and the one that most interest me is PSEA (its a teachers union but also represents nurses, in PA). I dont have a solution for your problem, only to say maybe its time to look somewhere else. Good Luck in what ever u do.

We do need a voice but we all have one. Let's use our beautiful voices for positive change - a million nurses for safe patient care. Organize a group where you live - see the million nurse march section of this website & write a letter to [email protected] Thanks so much.

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