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I am applying to Waynesburg College's accelerated BSN program. I was wondering if anyone here is a graduate or has heard anything about the program. I have no idea if it is competitive to get in to or not. Wish me the best!



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I just graduated from Waynesburg's accelerated RN-BSN program. I really like the co-horts, the group you start with is the one you finish with. Small class sizes and every 5 weeks or so a new class. The co horts are very supportive of each other and when you just don't think you can write another paper in APA format your new friends will give you the encouragement you need to pull through. Although everyone says it will go by so fast when you are enrolled it seems to be forever but once you graduate and look back it really was a good experience. There is a ton of research and writing requirements but it is manageable. Good luck to you.

Hi PomPom! Thanks so much for the response. One of the reasons I applied to Waynesburg is because of the small class sizes. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience. I am excited to see if I get into the program and go visit the campus. Were the labs/ clinical practice places nice? Do you happen to know what hospitals clinicals are done? If yo think of any other information about the school, PM or post back. Thanks again!

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