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Wayne state university nursing clinicals


Where does wayne state do their nursing clinicals at? Which hospital?

Does anyone know?

Thanks :)

Hi Dayanan17!

Did you end up deciding which school you are going to attend??

hi I'm attending Wayne state university! :)

YAY! That's awesome, I look forward to meeting and working with you!(: Im excited but nervous at the same time... its bitter sweet lol :nailbiting:

I look forward to meeting and working with you as well! I'm extremely nervous but oh so excited! Are you planning on working while attending nursing school? What is your name btw? :) maybe we met at orientation?

me too! Umm, I don't think I am going to work. If so, Id probably stay with my receptionist job at a nursing home. I get a lot of down time, which would be great for studying! Are you planning on working? And my name is Amani, what is yours? I met so many people at orientation, looking back now it feels like a blur lol. It was so much information at once.

I know it was a lot of information! I feel a lot better now though gradually knowing about everything that they talked about. I don't think we met actually. My name is Dayana. I'm a pharm tech at Cvs right now and I'm debating on if I should plan on putting my two week notice in or not. Honestly with my job, I have no downtime to study at all :/ I'm a little nervous thinking it may interfere with school, so if anything I don't think I'm going to end up working while in the program. Look forward to meeting you soon though!

Yeah I definitely agree, it was a lot of information but I learned so much. Now I feel better and more comfortable because I know wht exactly the program entails and what is expected from the students. oh yeah, pharm techs is a "constant moving" job. I was a pharm tech for a while, there were NO breaks.. the days always felt so long. You know yourself and what you can handle. If your boss is cool, maybe he'll let you work two or three days a week, nothing too demanding but you would still be making some money. Best of luck with what you decide!(: lol, I don't think we met either... but hopefully in august we will! Hope to see you then!(:

Yea that's very true!! Can't wait to meet you as well ! :)