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Wayne State University CD2 2016 - questions!

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I got accepted to the Wayne State University CD2 program, starting spring/summer 2016. I am really excited to start, but I have a lot of questions! Has anyone been through the program or knows some credible feedback from other students? How are the courses/instructors/clinicals? Do they prepare you well for the NCLEX? Thank you in advance!

Congratulations! Sorry I can't help answer any of your questions regarding the program, I was wondering however if you would mind telling me what your GPA was for your pre-req's? I have a 3.6 I applied but was not accepted :(

Thank you. I'm so sorry you weren't accepted... :( Don't give up though!! Are you going to apply anywhere else or just reapply to Wayne? My overall graduating GPA from Wayne State was 3.74, but my prerequisite GPA was almost a 4.0 (I had a 4.0 in all 9 of the prerequisite classes, except a sociology class, which was 3 credit hours, I got an A- in).

Nice to meet you leo, I was also accepted to this program. I'm also looking for feedback so i'll be following this post.

Congrats on the acceptance!:) I'm looking forward to orientation and getting some questions answered!

Hi guys! I hope nursing school is going great! Hi Stacey my name is Sydney. Congratulations on graduating nursing school!!!! I am currently in the application process for WSU CDO program! I was curious to know your Gpa when you applied and how the program was, if you don't mind. I just graduated too from wsu with my degree in public health. I will be taking microbio in Jan and my current prereq GPA is a 3.64(missing micro). My grades are BIO1050(B), BIO2870(B+),CHM1020(A), NFS2030(A-),PSY2740(A), SOC2020(A), FC(B+),HUM(A). I am so scared because I know WSU is very competitive!


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