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Watts nursing

by Smenard22 Smenard22 (New) New

Hello just curious if any one is currently enrolled at Watts School of Nursing in Raleigh or if anyone is currently doing the application. I would like a review of the school and if anyone knows what their acceptance rate is and do they except prerequisites from other schools. I have A&P 1 and 2 Introduction to Psychology, developmental Psychology and English 112. Thank you for your time.

hi. I am taking the HESI A2 exam tomorrow. I'm hopeful that I will do well enough to be admitted into the program for January. If I dont do well enough then I will retake it in a few months and apply for June or August 2018.

Do you know what their acceptance rate is? And good luck.

I Don't have stats but I got the feeling that most are accepted. I did read a thread on here where one woman passed the HESI did her essay passed her background check and so on and they sent her a rejection notice. Apparently, if they don't accept you your journey is finished with them entirely. Its so overwhelming!!! I've been studying all day, my brain hurts! Lol ill post again on Friday and let you know how the HESI was. I'm scheduled to take it at 4.30 PM in Raleigh.

Yes it is I'm trying to apply to a bunch of schools I'm so worried I won't get excepted. That's crazy they don't let you apply again. Good luck I hope you pass