wondering about the bremerton area hospitals

  1. considering relocating to the gig harbor area and am wondering about the hospitals in bremerton as well as Tacoma. I have 20 years in various specialties and am wondering if its a good move. thanks
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  3. by   JoeyDog
    Where are you coming from? I have worked at St. Jospeh Medical Center and Tacoma General Hospital (both in Tacoma about a year ago) as a CNA, and my Mother-in-Law works at St. Joes as an RN. My Husband worked at Harrison Hospital (Bremerton) as a Nurse Tech and is interviewing there on the 21st for a job as a new grad. There is also another hospital called Naval Hospital Bremerton. They are fairly small compared to the other three and only serve military personell and their dependents. All the hospitals are very nice.

    My MIL loves St. Joes and has worked there since the mid 80's. She also worked at TG in the 80's and didn't really like it. My husband really likes Harrison the best. I liked both St. Joes and TG. I was told by the ICU nurses at TG (the unit I worked on) that it was one of the best staffed ICU's they have worked. All the MD's there were very friendly and the staff all got along really well. The pay is pretty much equal for all four hospitals as they know they are competing with one another for nurses. St. Joe's and TG are only a few blocks away from one another and alternate trauma days every other day. They are the two Major hospitals for Pierce county. Harrison is the major hospital for Kitsap county and really the whole Kitsap penninsula.

    There are a few web sites I can give you to help you do some research. Oh BTW CHI (St. Joe's parent company) will be breaking ground in Gig Harbor on a new hospital called St. Anthony sometime in 2007. There are also other hospitals in Tacoma and lakewood through Multicare and CHI. Hope that helps.

    Tacoma General: www.multicare.org
    St. Joseph: www.fhshealth.org
    Harrison: www.harrisonhospital.org
  4. by   redraccoon
    Harrison actually has two hospitals - one campus is in Bremerton, the other is in Silverdale.

    The Bremerton Navy Hospital does hire civilians.

    Other than that you'll be looking over in the Seattle region or further south in Tacoma.
  5. by   chiliwist
    Hey Joeydog thanks for the info. I am relocating from eastern washington and have previously worked in critical care but am currently working in surgery. I am thinking that I might want to go back to critical care which I really liked to avoid the call and the long hours we have to work where I am now. Would anyone in ciritical care in the Tacoma Bremerton area fill me in on the different hospitals, staffing, pay and the like. thanks :wink2:
  6. by   JoeyDog
    Your welcome! I forget about the Harrison Silverdale campus. I think the starting pay at Harrison is 22.70 and at TG it is 22.69. Of course you should make more than that with your exp. You can go to the websites I provided and find out who to contact at HR and I am sure they will be more than happy to give you all the info you need. That's about all I can offer. Good Luck!