Tacoma Community College winter 2013 program

  1. Hi everyone! So I was lucky enough to get into the nursing program of winter 2013! Got picked in the lottery! So I got an email a couple days after saying I need to reply to it & do a survey & that they would send additional info on the last week of November. It's already Thursday so I'm scared my email or survey may not have went through & my position might have been offered to someone else. Anyone else get the email with the additional info yet?
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  3. by   tideznvikz
    I too was picked in the lottery and still haven't received the e-mail for the "last week of November." Things tend to come either late in the week or late in the day. Try to not worry about it. I'm sure if there was a discrepancy between your survey and your e-mail you would have been notified.
  4. by   Alka
    Ok thanks! I sure hope so!
  5. by   emerjensee
    Congratulations! I'll be starting my last quarter this winter. TCC is fantastic, just hang in there!

    Nancy Novak and Christine Brubaker are wonderful ladies and are very accessible if you have any questions!

    Good Luck and again, Congrats!!!

  6. by   YG1986
    I was offered admission to advanced standing LPN for winter 2013 as well. Still waiting for that "last week of November" e-mail. Has anyone received anything? Its Friday the 30th and tomorrow is the 1st. So just wondering if any one has heard from them?
  7. by   Alka
    Thanks ! any advice before starting the program? & I still haven't received that email! But if there's more than one of us then I'm sure it's coming ah I'm so excited!
  8. by   tideznvikz
    still nothing and it's close of business...what to do?
  9. by   Alka
    I guess we just wait till later tonight but as soon as someone gets something, please let the rest of us know. I'm dying to get that email already!
  10. by   tideznvikz
    sounds like a plan
  11. by   Iana Bezman
    Hi everyone
    I was lucky to get into RN program for winter Quarter, but still did not receive second email
  12. by   Iana Bezman
    Hi everyone,I was lucky to get into RN program for winter Quarter, but still did not receive second email
  13. by   tideznvikz
    welcome to the boat of having to wait, maybe we'll get something tomorrow
  14. by   Alka
    Does anyone know when the program starts? Does it start when tcc starts winter quarter or is it delayed?