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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

  1. by   TristanNicole
    If you were accepted for spring you should have or will be getting it soon, fall ones come out middle of spring quarter I wanna say.
  2. by   waitSCC
    Did the letters come out for spring already. I received a letter just stating that I was put on the waitlist.
  3. by   TristanNicole
    If you were put on the waitlist you werent accepted for fall, you can always call and ask where you are on the waitlist and when you should be accepted.
  4. by   slemon
    Yep, they are sending out letters. So if you waiting look for mail man because its certified. I've got mine yesterday. See you there.
  5. by   rainyn
    I received a letter that I was still on the waitlist but I got a call yesterday that I'm in for Spring quarter. They are only taking 60 students for spring and I was #71 a couple weeks ago. I was told several people dropped off or deferred for medical reasons, and that obviously bumped me up significantly. I will be at the orientation today.

    I have to agree that SCC is still a good option for some. I am a single parent and all my kids are still in grade school. From everything I've heard SCC's program is a workable schedule for me. I do plan to continue on for a BSN right away, but I am also open to moving out of the area if absolutely need be.

    From my understanding nursing jobs in Spokane are only difficult for AAS/ADN RN's at the hospitals. There are still plenty of other nursing jobs to be found, like in nursing homes or other settings. Many people have the ideal of working on a hospital floor stuck in their mind but when reality sets in there is still almost equal wages in other areas. Some of the nursing homes in the area starting pay is within $0.75 of starting pay at the hospitals. Then with experience and having continued on for a BSN, if they still wanted to moving into a hospital position should be a lot easier.
  6. by   TristanNicole
    SCC Nursing is definitely doable with kids and a job, they dont require much time from you, only three days a week and usually only a few hours a day (except clinical).
  7. by   kitsapgirl
    I just came across this thread while looking into nursing school options in Spokane. I have finished most of my pre-recs at Olympic College, but looking to move to Spokane this year and apply for RN program at SCC. Can anybody tell me what current wait list is like or any other important details? They go on a point system here and it results in about a two year wait with applicants starting each fall. Is it much different there?
  8. by   TristanNicole
    I dont know about the waitlist but once you finish your pre reqs you sign up to get on the waitlist, there is no points system.
  9. by   rainyn
    There is currently not a point system at SCC. Once your pre-reqs are complete you can apply for the program and then you're wait-listed, which is currently running about 1.5 - 2 years. It can really depend on your timing getting on the wait-list and how many people they are excepting for each class. I got in after 1 year 3 months but some others that went on the wait-list at the end of the same quarter I did didn't get in until 1 year 9 months later. The program excepts new students every fall and spring, it seems anywhere between 50-70 students each time. My class was 60 students to begin with, I have heard subsequent classes are 56 students.
  10. by   B_rac777
    My time on the waitlist was 1 year. But during that 1 year I moved to a different state and got into a different nursing school. The time period was end of summer 10-end of summer 11. I had to decline and give up my spot. The lack of credentials for the nursing school from CCNE or the other nursing school crediting agency was pretty much the tipping point for me that and the waitlist.

    My tip is if you have done well in your pre reqs like AP/Math/Chem and feel like you could pass an entrance exam for a nursing school go find a school that is competitive and take the entrance exam and see how it goes. That is what I did and I got in first try to a very competitive 4 year university, and I did all my major pre reqs at SCC, like ap1/ap1 micro chem psych etc...