Skagit Valley College Spring 2017

  1. Hey,
    I just applied to Skagit Valley anyone else on here apply as well?
    If so I saw on their website some changes for 2017 and their average acceptance score of 93/100. I am a few points away from this number but crossing my fingers. Anyone else struggling to get in? I will be applying here for the first time and also Lake Washington for the 2nd time. But hope to get into Skagit.
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  3. by   HaileeJH
    Hi there!
    I applied as well, to Skagit and Everett Community College for Spring 2017. Skagit was by far the easiest application process. I'm applying with 94.8/100, but with each coming application, you just never know. And with the TEAS coming out with version 6, people usually score lower with new revised exams. So there is all types of variables. Good luck to you! We should find out by February 15th
  4. by   kwhalen8393
    Hey! I applied for Spring 2017 as well. My overall score is 93.24 so I'm hoping for the best! This is my second time applying.. wasn't accepted the first time. Very anxious for February 15th!
  5. by   HaileeJH
    Kwhalen8393, How do the notifications come out? Letter, packet, post card? Anxious too!!! How many points to you apply with last time?
  6. by   kwhalen8393
    By letter. Last time I had 91/100 so I retook my TEAS twice. My advisor said people who were accepted had TEAS scores in the 80s, and my friend was accepted with getting an 80 on the test. I'm so anxious as well!
  7. by   HaileeJH
    Oh ok awesome!! I feel confident for us! Post on here when you find out! I'll do the same!!
  8. by   kwhalen8393
    Yes!! I will keep you updated! I feel confident as well. On another note - my mom's doctor is the head of her department at Island Hospital in Anacortes (30 minutes West of Mount Vernon), and they are a major clinical site and she hires a lot of nurses from Skagit and says the program is awesome!! It's improved a lot over the last few years. Where else did you apply?
  9. by   jdchrist89
    Hey what was your teas score when you first applied? And was that for Fall quarter?
  10. by   HaileeJH
    That's good to hear! I've heard mixed reviews about the program so I'm glad to hear that it's improving. I also applied at Everett but they rejected my application. There's a class you have to take called NURS 0 or something like that and I took it in Spring. It's basically a slideshow about HOW to apply for the program. And apparently you have to take it the quarter prior to the quarter your applying for. I thought once was enough but I was supposed to take it again in Fall. Really silly & annoying. Do you think the letter should come around the 15th? Could it come sooner? Lol
  11. by   kwhalen8393
    My TEAS score when I applied for Fall quarter was 76.7 and then I retook it twice and my highest ended up being 82.7 which is what I'm applying with now.
  12. by   kwhalen8393
    Oh yeah, i noticed that when I looked at Everett's website because I wanted to apply there as well. I think when I applied last summer the letter actually came before the date listed on the website. I'm assuming they mean by February 15th so I guess it could come sooner depending on how many applications they have to go through.
  13. by   jdchrist89
    gosh I hope there are not that many applicants lol I am just wishful thinking though cause my teas was only in the 70's. Do you guys know about their LPN program? I think I am going to try and get in there if I can.
  14. by   kwhalen8393
    I don't know much about it unfortunately. I thought I heard it was a waitlist process but im not 100% sure.