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Hey, I just applied to Skagit Valley anyone else on here apply as well? If so I saw on their website some changes for 2017 and their average acceptance score of 93/100. I am a few points away from... Read More

  1. by   jdchrist89
    No letter yet hopefully tomorrow.
  2. by   kwhalen8393
    Accepted! Very excited!!
  3. by   jdchrist89
    Yay congrats!!! I will check my mail after work today crossing my fingers lol
  4. by   kwhalen8393
    Crossing my fingers for you!
  5. by   jdchrist89
    I didn't get a letter. Either they sent out accepted people first and I didn't get in or my post office sucks. I called and they said they sent out letters in batches bUT could say if they mixed up accepted students with non accepted students. That would make the most sense to me so I prb didn't get in. I will let u guys know when I do get my letter though.
  6. by   jdchrist89
    Do you live in skagit?
  7. by   kwhalen8393
    I live in Lynnwood
  8. by   lolarono123
    I got my acceptance letter yesterday. See you guys at the mandatory meeting on feb 22
  9. by   kwhalen8393
    Awesome! See you then.
  10. by   HaileeJH
    I received my rejection letter today I met with the counselor and somehow we calculated that my science GPA was a 3.01 back in December, but apparently they calculated it as a 2.99. I am pretty frustrated because we determined that I was set (I think we were including Nutrition 101 into my GPA but that won't count until Fall 2017 ) and met the requirement but I guess it didn't Congrats to those who got in!!! I will be trying again in Fall!!
  11. by   kwhalen8393
    Oh no! I'm sorry well the good news is you should for sure get in for Fall quarter once nutrition is calculated in the GPA.
  12. by   jdchrist89
    That really sucks I am sorry Hailee. I got my rejection letter today as well but I wanna meet with an advisor to talk about it because the letter didn't really say much, just that my points were not enough to get in. It's so competitive. I still have lake wa to hear from by the end of the month. But seriously just keep trying if I don't get in at lake wa I'll apply again I the fall to both but also a lpn program. I am hearing more people going into lpn programs because of how competitive it is to get in a rn program. Keep trying we will get there.
  13. by   sarbryan
    Hi! I was accepted into the Spring 2017 nursing program at Skagit!

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