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Hey, I just applied to Skagit Valley anyone else on here apply as well? If so I saw on their website some changes for 2017 and their average acceptance score of 93/100. I am a few points away from... Read More

  1. by   jdchrist89
    So I found out that they are no longer doing the LPN program. Which is sad. They said it's due too new state regulations. I am super anxious to find out. I am surprised that not many people know of this forum. Well good luck ladies I'll post when I get my letter as well.
  2. by   kwhalen8393
    Just talked to Skagit and they said they just completed going through apps, have the list of people accepted, and are mailing out letters! We should receive letters by later this week or by early next week.
  3. by   jdchrist89
    That's exciting to hear but also very nerve racking. I live towards Mulkiteo so I prob won't get mine till a day later but who knows. That is pretty quick work on their part which is nice for us. Lake Washington takes about a month to give results with about 100 applicants.
  4. by   jdchrist89
    I forgot they have essays to read lol but the 4 week wait is brutal.
  5. by   jdchrist89
    Checking my mail after work today crossing my fingers!!!!!!
  6. by   kwhalen8393
    Awesome! I can't check mine until Monday. Ugh. Let us know!
  7. by   jdchrist89
    No letter today so hopefully monday.
  8. by   Wshaufler
    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail for Spring 17'. For reference my TEAS was adjusted 87.5 and admission points 94.5/100
  9. by   jdchrist89
    Do you live close to skagit? I live in mulkiteo
  10. by   Wshaufler
    I'm in Bellingham
  11. by   jdchrist89
    K thank you
  12. by   kwhalen8393
    So nervous!! Crossing my fingers.
  13. by   kwhalen8393
    Anyone else find out yet?

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