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I didn't see any thread for Seattle U BSN transfer program fall 2013. Lets see if anybody else applied other than me lol..... Read More

  1. by   Can'tTakeTheWait
    Hey y'all, I just received an email from housing congratulating me on my acceptance to SU, but haven't been formally notified by mail yet either way. Mistake email?! What do you think?
  2. by   propofolsbff
    Quote from Can'tTakeTheWait
    Hey y'all, I just received an email from housing congratulating me on my acceptance to SU, but haven't been formally notified by mail yet either way. Mistake email?! What do you think?
    I would call admissions first thing monday morning to check!
  3. by   suzw
    Hey Obrien, I don't know if you are still reading this or not, but it sounds like you and I are in a similar situation with SU. I have a 3.69 GPA (was about 3.6 at time of app), have 15 years experience, volunteered in a nursing home (just for the past few months), have some community involvement, and a 3 year-old. :-) My letter said basically the same thing, something about not having a good enough GPA and needing 36 hours of transferable credit. When I went in there and asked about it, they said it is basically a form letter, and what that means is that most students need about 36 more credits to sufficiently raise their GPA. But here's the kicker- they said my GPA is 3.06!!! Ummm, NO! But they said they averaged my current grades with my grades from MANY years ago, (like 20 years) when I took some random classes at another school, and got some sub-par grades, and one or two 0.0's (because I forgot to officially drop a class). Seems to me they should not hold that against me, since I showed a clear trajectory of improvement, and I am WAY different now than I was 20 years ago, but that's what they said. Oh, and they said I scored a 15/16 on my essay, and had very relevant healthcare experience.

    So I wrote a (very polite) letter to the dean, and got no response. So yesterday I went down there again, talked to someone else in admissions, and SHE told me that no, that wasn't the reason, the reason was because I had one class left to take (pre-calc, which I was taking this quarter until I got the rejection) and that the applicant pool was so competitive that they didn't admit anyone who had any required classes not completed yet. As if pre-calc is so relevant to nursing anyway!

    So strange, and what I would like to know is if others had classes like that not completed or in process yet who did (or did not) get in. I know a guy with a 3.4 GPA who got in, and a gal with the same GPA as me, but no real healthcare exp (only veterinary) who got in. She took pre-calc last quarter... :-/

    But like you, I am over it, and sometimes think these things happen for a reason. Not sure we could afford the tuition there anyway (though hubby says we would find a way...) Life goes on, and I will get there one way or another.
  4. by   Ladybug031302
    SuzW, that is very strange indeed! I had two classes I needed for SU that I took winter qtr AFTER the SU application was due. I also had some very embarrassing low grades from the mid-1990's that would have brought my GPa down lower than a 3.0. I was accepted. There's something wrong here. I am not sure how far you want to push the issue but it definitely doesn't sound right. SORRY!!
  5. by   suzw
    Wow, that is strange indeed. So you're an "older student" :-) with kid(s), like me. Perhaps it was because your classes were in progress. My pre-calc class hadn't been started yet (was going to take it spring quarter). Argh. I easily could have taken it winter quarter instead,but thought I should take Ochem for the UW (didn't get in there either). Who knows. Maybe you scored 16/16 on your essay whereas I "only" scored 15/16. Did you mention in your essay that you have kids? I did in SU essay, but did not in UW essay, and made the first cut at UW (and then went and mentioned it in my proctored essay). I'm sure that's not really the reason I was rejected, but it does make me wonder.
  6. by   Ladybug031302
    SuzW, yes I mentioned I have kids to both schools. For SU, i even used it as my "extracurricular activities" section on the CommonApp. I spoke of how trying to give my kids a healthy view of themselves as well as exposing them to enrichment activities and teaching them about our natural world felt like my extracurricular focus because it filled me with such joy and reward. I also spoke about how balancing my education with being the kind of involved parent I wish to be was a challenge but one that made me value my schoolwork more because it was time away from my kids and that it should be well spent. I did not mention my parenthood in the UW proctored essay though (I picked the third patient). I think parenting shows a large caregiving experience so I viewed it as a plus. I am 36 and I guess that makes me an older student but I sure don't feel old ;-P

    I did the opposite as you - I'm taking OChem right now.

    I am equally baffled that you did not get in considering everything you've shared here so far. FRUSTRATING! Hang in there. It must mean something better for you is out there on the horizon. I don't know??
  7. by   suzw
    Well, I was accepted to two schools in the Wa DC area, which I applied to when we thought my husband's job would require us to move out there. As it is, we have to go out there for 2+ months (leaving next week) but I do NOT want to live out there, so am really hoping I get in somewhere around here.

    I guess maybe one possiblity is that my science GPA was slightly lower than my other classes. I got several 4.0's, but only one of them (Nutrition) was a science. Other science grades were 3.2 to 3.7. And I just remembered, my overall GPA at time of application was something like 3.6 (went up to 3.69 after winter quarter). Small difference but maybe that was enough?

    Ah well, maybe, as you said, something better is out there for me. Thanks for your kind words.

    And you're right, 36 is not old. ;-) I am 44, and I don't feel old either! But maybe, if the universities know nothing else about me (like I'm super healthy, and race my bicycle alongside women half my age), they might think I am too old. Who knows. I wonder if it is worth appealing the decision? Probably not.

    Best of luck to you!
  8. by   propofolsbff
    @suzw--I wonder if they just have a general answer they give everyone. I was accepted to SU, and my GPA was a 3.68 (i think?) when I applied, and my A&P grades were 3.3's plus I was taking micro fall quarter and grades were not in when by the application deadline, and I also hadn't taken the math 110 requirement. which is pretty similar to your situation. I have no clue what I scored on my essay--although I thought it was very strong, and I did have a letter of recommendation from a doc, even though they don't require it. I am also an "older" student with kids, and I did mention them briefly in my essay. I also have about 12 years of healthcare experience as a MA and a Scrub tech. I don't know what can be done at this point...but it may be worth looking into?!?
    Remember these people are human and mistakes can be made! I just had an experience where I had a B+ post as my grade for a class I took winter quarter and I actually had an A, it was just a mistake the instructor made.

    On another note, is anyone going to the accepted students open house on Saturday?
  9. by   meweeks3
    Hey guys! I was accepted to seattle u nursing transfer and was looking to move to capital hill. Anyone looking for a roommate?? Or know of a good place to live??
  10. by   Staraglo

    I am wondering if anyone has their acceptance letter. I really need to submit a "mock-like" letter for the BSN program that I plan on receiving for my 13th-year plan and with graduation almost here, I need to get that done ASAP!! Failure to do so will result in me not receiving my diploma!! HELP!!

    Please, please, please! If anyone has their acceptance letter to the BSN program, please send me a picture or scan me a picture and send it to my email!

    Thank you!!!
  11. by   dani1298
    OBrien MP, I am sort of in the same boat as you are and am interested in asking you a few questions for some guidance!! I am considering applying to some of the programs up north as well as Seattle U. This thread is very long and old, you can email me if it's easier!
  12. by   dani1298
    I am applying for next years program. Can any of you the were accepted or that scored high on the essay give me some suggestions as to what to say and discuss. I know there are topics and directions on the app but what did you guys include that made your apps better than others? email works great too and I would GREATLY APPRECIATE and help and advice during my application period because this is my second time around applying.