Seattle Children's / Harborview opinions?

  1. ]Has anybody worked at Seattle Children's or Harborview? I want to relocate to Seattle but I have no idea what the RN pay scale is ... I have 11 years of nursing experience and have been working as a pediatric oncology nurse for the last 3 years. Any advice would be appreciated ... Anna
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  3. by   Zephyr44
    Hi Anna,
    By now you've probably made your decision. But with your background, you should apply at Childrens. It's an excellent hospital, and I'm sure they could use a nurse with your background.
    I think the pay scale would be about $34/hr, but that's a guess. I worked at Harborview for years and made $27 last, in 1999. Pay has gone up in the area.
  4. by   zacarias
    Anamset, I don't know where you come from but moving to Seattle, you should find that you are well compensated.