RTC Nursing Spring '17

  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering if there's anyone here who is waiting to get into Renton Tech College in Spring '17. Are you guys signing up for Spring Cohort? Or have decided to go and apply in a different school?
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  3. by   scrubsandshrugs
    Hey there!

    I was accepted into the Fall 2016 cohort, but as you know it was cancelled. Did you get the e-mail from Vicky Hertig with an update? I am optimistic and confident that the program will be starting for us in the Spring and will be accredited. Super important.

    Have you/are you planning to apply elsewhere? I told them to include me on the list because I missed the deadlines for other schools since we found out so late.

    I'm Jeannie, by the way. Hope to see you in the Spring!
  4. by   Carrie17
    I am applying this Spring for the Fall 2017 cohort. I am taking Stats now, which is my last pre-req. Nice to see others from RTC on here!
  5. by   scrubsandshrugs
    That's awesome! Good luck! We just got word that we'll be starting Spring 2017!
  6. by   #futurenurse
    Hey Carrie17 ! I was wondering if you got into the fall 2017 cohort? Maybe we will be cohort mates.
  7. by   Carrie17

    Congratulations on starting the program! I (surprisingly) struggled with the TEAS science portion and wasn't able to apply. So my goal is to study hard and try again for the spring program.
  8. by   #futurenurse
    You got this!!! I'll see you this spring!