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  1. Hi to everyone, I am newbie here in allnurses. I am an RN here at WA, I just came here last January 2012 straight from the Philippines. I sent a lot of application to the different hospitals and clinics online but they never call back. I have med-surg, OR, L&D and 2 years Dialysis experience in the Philippines. I am trying to apply at Puget sound and kidney center this month, and trying some volunteerism at Providence Regional Medical Center. Does it helps to Volunteer since i am not graduate here? I will also try to apply at nursing home and other facilities after i get my driver's license ( I failed my first road test).

    Can anyone give me some inputs on where to begin with since I took my BSN overseas? I am not yet a U.S. citizen but i have permanent residency card. Naval base everett is now hiring clinical nurses, but sadly i am not qualified. I also consulted the fleet and family support at the naval base station ( I am a military spouse), their recommendation is to set my foot on the door by means of volunteerism. Please please help me.

    I am looking forward for any response. God Bless you all
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  3. by   pa3xie
    hi ashtone_162005!

    I am also a filipina oversees grad looking for a job here in WA. I was hoping we could chat.
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    Hello, invite me at fb, ashtone_162005@yahoo.com. Chat tayo there. I am from everett. Thank You. I am always online. Or maski send me message na lang jan sa personal email ko. Okay.
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    Please don't hesitate to write at my email. I love to talk to you. God bless
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    Hi dear,

    I just relocated to Bremerton from Georgia and it's taken me 3 months just to get an interview. I have learned that around the Kitsap Peninsula area that the majority of healthcare facilities are owned by the same companies. As a military spouse, I also went to my local fleet/family. They will assist you with your resume and even offered to forward mine to facilities. I joined a staffing agency 2 months ago and STILL haven't worked.. so I advise you to be careful if you decide to go that route. How far are you from Seattle? I was told it's much easier to get hired there and the pay is better.. only issue is travel, but I was told at fleet/family that taking the ferry there is easy and there is a bus from ferry to hospitals, so it isn't hectic at all. How far are you from Bremerton? Harrison Medical is hiring, which is where I am interviewing.

    Best of luck to you! You are not alone in this quest for a job in Washington!
  7. by   ashtone_162005
    Hello, i am 40 mins away from seattle. I am not driving yet that's why distance is a problem with me. We are going around lynnwood and everett on wednesday to drop by our resume on some LTC around us. Some of my friends warned my about staffing agency. Maxim healthcare called me last may 25, they are setting me up for an interview at smokey point, no date no time. They told me to email me for the date and place but they never wrote me back. I didn't try to call them again. Maybe God has a great plan for me. I have already talked to nursing recruiter of providence regarding the follow up of the new grad residency and told me that it is excusively for new grad per se, ouch.. But she suggested a facility that hires a foreign grad like me. Yeah, fleet and family support helped me in building my resume plus some of my husband's co-workers forwarded my resume to their friends who worked at facilities. I am not losing hope, right now my focus is to pass my road test. I hope that everything will be okay for all of us. This forum helps me a lot. Thank you so much..