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I got in!!!!! PLU students, any advice, suggestions, etc? What is the program like? I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):yeah:... Read More

  1. by   daisyfleur70
    yes, but I'm not sure what yet. I am short 2 PE activities, I also need a globalism/diversity type class, and I could stand to re do Stats, my grade wasn't as good as I'd have liked. Fortunately, my religion classes from a previous stint at a different Lutheran college in my hometown transferred over, so I have those out of the way.

    I guess it depends on scheduling and I also don't want to overload my brain...
  2. by   LilyGirlie
    Hello everyone, I am applying to PLU for Fall 2010. I was wondering if any of you current student have any tips for the application and essays. Thanks
  3. by   mamayogibear
    I too am stumped by the application essay. I have completed the application and references and have 4.0 in prereqs with a 3.8 overall, the only class I repeaded was Stats. I know my professors gave me great recomendations so the essay is what is challanging me. Are they looking to see if the applicant has an understanding of the different specialties in the field of nursing? How much weight does the essay have on the overall application?
    Are they going to prefer students with an interest in a certain age? I don't have a preference in ages, I hope to someday provided critical care for ICU patients but do not have a preference or any agesim that would influence me to prefer neonates over geriatrics or pediatrics. Should I just make up a ranking and explain how age of patients isn't a concern of mine, like I don't want to work at a nursing home but not all elderly are in nursing homes so I don't want to rank elderly last. The other essay topic is listing strenghts and weaknesses; did those of you who were admitted list more strenghts than weaknesses or an equal number? Should I include previous weakness that have been resolved and turned into strengths? I don't think my weaknesses remain the same from year to year as I usually try to challange myself and overcome them.
    Any advice would be appreciated from new students and current applicants alike!
  4. by   daisyfleur70
    I think your best bet is to write from your heart, don't try to anticipate what the admissions committee is looking for. PLU considers the entire individual, grades are a part, life experience is a part. When I wrote my essay I did rank the elderly last, but did explain that it was lack of experience with them that made me hesitate, but that I was definitely open to working with them and learning more about them and from them.

    I think being honest about your strengths/weakensses, interests and desires should be acceptable, and sprinkle it with a bit of ambition, and an open mind, as well. Good luck! It is a great program. I am about to start my 2nd year in February, and I love it!
  5. by   mamayogibear
    Thanks for the advice, I wote more about the different fields of nursing and how various ages are found in all fields and since I do not have experience with any actual nursing yet I can not make a clear decision on what ages I would prefer to work with. I hope they accept my not answering as an acceptable essay Just out of curiosity once accepted is there enough financaial aid to cover your schooling? I am more worried about affording PLU than being accepted now that I've gotten comfortable with my essays.
  6. by   daisyfleur70
    They are quite generous with financial aid, yes... I have been able to get enough aid between grants, loans, scholarships, etc to cover most of it. I have only had to pay a fraction of it out of pocket. It's not uncommon for students to get enough aid to cover the full tuition amount.