PLU Nursing Applicants 2012

  1. I just received my acceptance letter from PLU SON. Wanted to see if there were any other applicants out there!!
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  3. by   lily_broad
    Congratulations! That is great. I just moved to WA because my husband is in the military, but I see I am now way past the priority deadline. I will give it a shot anyway! If you don't mind sharing, what is your gpa? I ask because I heard PLU is very competitive, so I am pretty nervous.

    Good luck in school
  4. by   armynurse68
    Hi Lily Broad!I have a 3.95 gpa. I actually turned my PLU acceptance down because I got into UW's Nursing program, but it was a hard choice! The staff and school are amazing! I recommend attending their nursing school information session ASAP so you can start getting prepared. Most, if not all nursing programs in WA love applicants with hands-on healthcare experience so if you are not a cna already, I would take classes this summer to earn it. Also, volunteer! They love community service. Fort Lewis has a variety of volunteer opportunities for military spouses and service members. Even look at volunteering at Madigan! With PLU so close to Fort Lewis, I feel they are very welcoming to military and those associated with the military. They also only accept credits from non-technical colleges. You have to be accepted to the university first so make sure you do that early enough! I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. by   Staraglo
    Hi! I was wondering if you still have your acceptance letter. I'd love to see what it feels like to be accepted at UW. Let me know! Thanks