Pierce College 2012 Heard back yet?

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has heard back from Pierce college yet about an interview...? They said they would be contacting people the beginning-mid September. Maybe I just didn't get a call back about getting an interview, but I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything back yet.

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  3. by   ksenakim
    Hello, I received a callback on September 23rd, and know that some of the other applicants did as well.
  4. by   lovework
    hi i am considering applying to pierce college, what was your gpa when applying
  5. by   ksenakim
    Hello, I am nearly the end of my third qtr in the RN program at Pierce...when I applied, my GPA was 3.87.
  6. by   lovework
    thanks for the reply really appreciate it
    Have one more question, hope u dont mind.. what do you think weighs out when applying, i heard that the personal statement and letter of recommendation weigh heavy. i am in my last quarter for prereqs, taking micro, so nervous about the application
    thanks again
  7. by   ksenakim
    Do you have background in healthcare?
  8. by   lovework
    yes i worked as a medical assistant.
  9. by   ksenakim
    That's good, I feel like a lot of people who never got call-backs were the ones who had merely taken the classes, gotten awesome grades, but had no medical experience whatsoever.

    Write really good essays (take them to the writing center, have your friends/family scrutinize them), get letters of recommendation from people working in healthcare (doctors, nurses, etc.) or your instructors (Rowena Korpal did mine, she taught A/P at Pierce in Steilacoom), impress Mary Bath-Balough if you can if you're at Steilacoom (she is on the board of admissions). For the interview process, be prepared to answer critical thinking questions - not your standard, "Why do you want to be a nurse?" type qs.
  10. by   lovework
    Thank you so so much for the advice, you answered a load of questions that i have been asking around and it helps me so much. goodluck in your future you've been an awesome help.
  11. by   I'mherenow
    I have a question for "ksenakim" regarding interview questions. Can you please tell me some critical questions that were similar to when you went in for the interview? I know it's not really in depth in nursing such as what medication you would give to a patient? Are the questions like "what would you do if you saw a patient not breathing?"

    thank you
  12. by   ksenakim
    You are correct, the questions they asked were not knowledge based questions but were more critical thinking questions. One that I remember well had to do with the ethics of physician assisted suicide. That was a doozy. They aren't questions with necessarily right or wrong answers - there are just better thought-out answers.
  13. by   I'mherenow
    I thank you for answering my question. Another thing i'm curious about is there are 46 people total and only 30 are selected. The 16 that aren't selected probably didn't answer the questions properly but at the same time there is no right or wrong answer to the critical questions.

    Are there any males enrolled in your program. I know the college liked diversity as well. A lot of these questions are just popping up in my head.

    Do you have any advice you would give someone going in in a interview? How did you feel after the interview? Was it lengthy?

    thank you
  14. by   lovework
    2013 Hi, got a call back from pierce college and have an interview with them. I am so happy/nervous, any advice for me?