Out-of-state, looking at schools

  1. I'm from out of state, and I was wondering if anybody can tell me about all of the nursing schools in Washington. I've heard UW is one of the best, but how competitive is it? And how successful are the NCLEX pass rates for each school?

    Thanks so much for the help
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  3. by   whymara
    I'm in the same boat and found this page pretty helpful:

  4. by   diane227
    The University of Washington is one of the best nursing and medical schools in the nation. Better have a good GPA. Competition.
  5. by   j450n
    I agree. I know UW doesn't always look at just grades, but it is defnitely competitive. It has been ranked the #1 nursing school in the country for several years now. Seattle U has a good program and is easier to get into, although fairly expensive since it is a private school. Another thing to look into is the community colleges and then doing a RN-BSN program at UW Bothell. It's only one year to get your BSN after you achieve your ADN.

    Washington State has a good program as well, but that's if you're willing to get away from the Seattle atmosphere and head over to eastern Washington.

    Good luck!
  6. by   twinkletoes12
    What part of WA are you looking at? It is not easy to get in anywhere, but you can do it! I got into Seattle University for this fall and am now on the waitlist for UW. I do not have a 4.0. Not even a 3.6. Grades are not the be all end all and I'm so happy the universitites take that into account. For community colleges, grades are all they care about. They do not care about a well rounded candidate. So take that into consideration. The universities are most interested in life experience and work experience, stable grades over time, and all prereqs taken at time of application. For UW - make sure you have a strong resume with relevant and varied work and volunteer experience. Get your CNA if you don't already have it. Write good essays. Draw on your life experience. Same goes for Seattle University. Strong essays are essential for SU and being able to relate your life and/or past healthcare exp. to your future as a nurse. Good luck! :spin:
  7. by   westcoastgirl
    just about all WA nursing programs are extremely competitive, worse than other states on this coast from stories I hear.

    any chance you can get your RN in your home state first? I would look into that too.