Nothing for new grad in Olympia??

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    I am a new grad, actually graduated in Dec 2004, but have been a stay at home mom til now. I've been looking for work since June, applied for about 15 jobs at St. Pete's, had one interview, didnt get it and nothing else. Capital seems to only have per diem jobs which means no benefits, and going to Tacoma isnt really an option unless its 24 hours a week. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Is Oly really that unfriendly to new grads?

    I know my references are good because I got a job offer in Spokane using them.

    I am very frustrated. I thought with the shortage this wouldnt be such an issue.

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  3. by   JoeyDog
    Do you have any experience as a nurse???
    If you became a stay at home mom right after you graduated and have not been working as a nurse for the past two years you may very well have a difficult time finding work. Not because you are a new grad but because you were a new grad two years ago and have not worked as a nurse post graduation. I can imagine that employers would be leery about hiring someone who has not worked post graduation for the past two years. They may worry that b/c you did not work after you graduated that you were not able to build upon what you learned in school and may have lost some of the knowledge and/or skills that you aquired during school. They may also worry that by hiring you they will have to invest a lot of money into training, residency, and orientation for you that they would not have to for recent new grads or obviously for experienced nurses.

    That is the only thing that I can think of that could be potentially hindering your emploment search. If you have worked as a nurse since graduating in 2004 then obviously disregard my statement. Good luck!!!!!!!!