New-grad RN opportunities in the Tacoma and surrounding area?

  1. The consensus seems to be that it's tough out here for new graduates.

    I graduated from my RN program in 2010 and ten days later started my RN-BSN program at the University of Washington in Tacoma. I passed my NCLEX in the fall and have been applying for positions and residencies for months with absolutely zero luck and have expanded my job search to include LPN positions. Honestly, it's getting pretty scary out here and with money being as tight as it is I really need to find employment or risk not being able afford my last quarter's tuition, which is a terrible thought as a full time student having put in so much work.

    Any advice? Know of any places that are willing to hire new graduates around the Tacoma/Federal Way/Puyallup or other surrounding areas? Would it just be best to look into cashier or other minimum wage positions so I can have some source of income while I wait?

    I've got two job fairs in Seattle coming up and I check the major hospital and hotjob/monster databases religiously for new residency and entry-level positions, but, boy, my hopes are close to being absolutely shot.


    Well, this post is pretty much the equivalent of a frowning emoticon.
    I promise to be more upbeat in the future!
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  3. by   chuym
    Keep Trying. You were probably the most brilliant people in that program and you will be able to do great things. Be sure to use your contacts from others in the program. Pester them to name drop you and inquire for you. It took me months of networking in my current job to get this most recent acute care interview.

    Good luck.