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  1. I am graduating with BSN and moving to WA in a few months, probably around seattle or tacoma. I read an earlier post that mentioned it may be difficult for a new grad to find work. Has anyone else found this to be true? Also, what is the pay like out there? Any thoughts on the best hospitals to work? Anyone have the scoop on the very best (and affordable) place to live in the surrounding areas? Thanks very much for your help!
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  3. by   MacSplooRN
    Hello, how are you doing? Well we might just become good friends. Before I got here to WA about 6 months ago, I had failed my Nclex the first time back in Arkansas. The wife and I moved out here because she got a job offer here. I was okay and bored because I had to study for the Nclex. I was in this house for like 1 mth studying for this nclex getting frustrated and depressed. God brought me through that time of hardship. Once I passed I had to get my licsence switch from Arkansas to WA. That process took about 2months for me. SO I'm waiting, cause I can't apply to jobs without having a licsence here in WA. Once I finally go them, I applied to ever hospital in the Tocoma, SIlverdale and Seattle area. Everyday for five months after that, I was looking for a job as a new grad and nobody would hire me at all. Harrison really sucks, because they'll tell you they need nurses and when I came around and interviewed, you could feel the pressure in the room that they wanted a little more experience. It seemed like you got to have like 1000 year of experience as a new grad to even get looked at around here. I was calling everyday, getting declined and going to interviews and getting turned down again. This was going on for like 5 or 6 mths. My wife was the only one working and supplying the money at that time. I thank God for her. I notice that I was putting too much time into this finding a job thing and then I started to trust God and the work of Jesus. I prayed everyday, in the house crying and getting more depressed as time passed. I fasted and prayed and that's when things started to open up for me. I went to this RN Jamboree at Tocoma General for New Grads and that's were I made all of my connections for jobs. But I had one interview at St Joseph in Tocoma. I didn't really want to take that job because Tocoma Gen was making it look so good to join thier team. Two weeks after that I went on like 3 or 4 interviews and I was waiting for responses and I had like 4 or 5 more intervies scheduled to go to. Finally St Joseph called me back and I took that job in a heart beat because no one else would even consider me at that time. The next day all the hospitals were calling me for interviews like crazy, but i had already excepted a job offer. I haven't regreted yet and I'm loving every bit of it. I 've been working for 2 months and things are going really well now. Just hang in their and don't take no for an answer. Stay on your game. I can help you tyr to get interview at were I'm working, but let me know if you are interested first. The nurses their are different from everywhere else I think. They will actually come around from other Quads to help get your work done when you are behind or too busy with one patient. Another I like about St Joesph is that it's a spiritual hospital and they are closely related to the teachings and practices or Jesus. It's seems like alot of people have some kind of spirital background. I've made it out of what you are going through now and it's was Jesus who brought me out of that dark period into his marvalous light. He was trying to help me focus on him and wanted me to be more patience. I'm more patient now than I've ever been, and I'm glad I went through that, because now I can apprechiate nursing in a more humbled way. I don't settle for less either anymore, because if we made it through Nursing school we can do anything. Now I'm looking into going into CRNA school in CA. I hope to keep in touch and God bless you......
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    Oh yeah I stay in Silverdale and I love everybit of it. If you need any help on apartments to stay at then let me know. The apartments I stay in are good and the staff is nice. The only surrounding hospital is Harrison and I do drive 40 mile to work, but it's worth it and not that bad. Silverdale is peaceful, you can walk around here like you are flying through the air. Tocoma is too Ghetto for me and Seattle is too busy and the traffic is crazy. But the traffic here going to Tocoma is not that bad. Where are you moving from? Are you bringing a family, if so, it's the best place to have one at. I don't have any kids, but I still enjoy myself.
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    Hello guys! Am Zsa-zsa, a 2005 passer for RN here in the Phils.I am currently on reviews for NCLEX but havnt submitted my credentials to Vermont for review.May i ask u guys if u have any info. on agencies assisting nurses for NCLEX exams and the rest....Thanks and Mabuhay to all Filipino nurses!!!