Moving from Ontario Canada to Bellevue Wa.

  1. Hello all,

    I am new grad from Canada in the RPN (LPN) program. I have written my CNO (college of nurses of Ontario) exam last week so I do not have my results yet. I am moving to Washington sate in a week and I was wonder if anyone could answer a few of my questions:

    1. Can I write the LPN exam write away (will they accept me straight or will I need to take a few courses?)

    2. Where are some good programs to do the bridging form LPN to RN?

    3. What are wages like for nurses??

    Thanks alot,

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  3. by   Casmarn
    I'm originally from Ontario and currently live and work in Washington. I'm an RN, but I think it is basically the same idea, there is a national licensing exam here, it's computer based and can be written at any time. You'll need to contact the Washington Health Professions Quality Assurance (equivant of CNO) to apply for a license and to write the exam. A great way to get advice is to talk to a recruiter. I did that years ago now with medistaff, which I think was bought by onward healthcare. Even looking at the recruiting websites can be useful. Do you have a plan for obtaining a work visa?
    Hope this helps,
  4. by   Navid
    Thank You for the information ... I am an American Citizen so I dont need a work visa. I will talk to recuiters and get my liscenc (LPN). Also if I may ask, how did you find the licsense exam?

    Thanks again
  5. by   tiggertoo
    I would make sure that you have a job secured here before moving. Washington State, particularly Seattle does not have a new grad shortage, and I believe there are not many hospitals that still hire LPNs. Check you resources first.