Everett CC versus Skagit Valley CC - anyone have opinions?

  1. I have been accepted to both Everett and Skagit for the fall and now have to pick where to go. Does anyone have any insider advice on these programs? Thanks in advance?
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  3. by   our8kids
    I'm not sure where you live or if that will play any part in your choosing, but I've been at Skagit for the past year and was told by one of the biology teachers that the new biology/nursing wing that will open in the fall will have the most state-of-the-art technology on the west coast. I plan on going to Everett myself because I can get in to their program 2 quarters earlier, but if the timing were right I'd pick Skagit.
  4. by   nursejackie86
    I'm in 5th quarter at EvCC right now and I think the program is awesome! I have friends at other nursing schools in the area (although none at Skagit) and every time they have a story for me about school, I'm so happy I'm at Everett. The instructors are awesome and they are very organized. It's still very challenging but we are the only school of our kind having a specific position for retention of students. So if you feel like you're having trouble or are starting to slip with grades, that person will help do everything they can to keep you in the program. Good luck with your decision!
  5. by   ButterflyGarden
    I have known people who have graduated from both programs and each of the students who went to Everett were much happier with their quality of education. Skagit has problems and up until very recently has catered more to students who cannot make the grade at any other school! If you have the choice, pick EVERETT!!!
  6. by   smiggles2000
    DO NOT GO TO SKAGIT. I know of several people there who despise their program. Some of the class room instructors are pricks, it's almost like they want you to fail. A few quarters back there was a huge issue about some of the instructors and they had to get the dean invovled. Some of the students threatened to take legal action and talk to the media about some of the crap that was going on.

    Now as far as Everett goes, I'm not quite sure. All I know is that they have to write a lot of 15 page papers? Yuck!
  7. by   L&DForMe
    Im getting ready to (hopefully) finish 1st quarter at Skagit today!
    I have had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with this quarter. Organization prior to starting the quarter was a little poor, but I lived through it.
    I dont feel like Im being shorted on education. Infact, of the 3 colleges I have attended (one in IL, one in CA, and Skagit), I think Skagit has by far the best instructors! They have all been very nice. Some of them tough, but only because they want the best out of you!!!
    I live in South Everett and commute to Mount Vernon because I REFUSE to have anything to do with EvCC!! My experience with them was horrible, and for awhile I gave up on continuing my education because of them.
    I also work for Providence. It would have been nice to be in school close to home, doing my clinicals with my employer, but I dont think I would have made it through the program with them.
    They are extremely picky and on some occasions, very racist!
  8. by   susanwatt
    I'm starting at Skagit in September and have heard great things about their program. I think you will find that you work really well under the direction of some instructors and not as well with others. Nursing school is TOUGH no matter how you approach it. It has to be. Good luck in your decision-making and congratulations on being accepted to two programs!
  9. by   malenurz
    EVCC has a great program - far better than Skagit is (currently) They are currently re-doing the Skagit program. Guess where the guy (who is re-designing it) came from...Everett

    Everett is tough, demanding, but they don't have a 99% NCLEX pass rate on the first try. You can rest assured Skagit has no such thing!