EVCC Fall 2017

  1. Hi! I was hoping to connect with other people who are applying for Fall at EVCC. I submitted my application earlier this week and I can already tell the next few weeks of waiting are going to be torture.

    Anyone comfortable sharing their GPAs/PAX test scores? Do you know anyone currently in the program? How do they like it?
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  3. by   jdchrist89
    I am applying for fall quarter at evcc. I am not expecting to get in because of my pax score was pretty low but above the 58 required to apply. I scored ok in reading and made 98th percentile for science. My math was oddly 50% which is the easiest section I submitted a form to have the nln site rescore me by hand because this shocked me. It will take them two weeks to let me know about my test which evcc will prb have their picks by then. I do have work experience points and a 3.2 gpa but I'm thinking that prb still won't be good enough for acceptance. I heard anything above a 90 on the pax and a good gpa can get you in without work experience.
  4. by   dhh13
    I applied last week! I'm worried about my GPA being too low in the sciences seeing as I have no extra advantages (work or otherwise). I have a 3.3 in the bio series and a 3.5 overall. I focused all my attention on the PAX and got a 154, 99th percentile overall so I was so excited-- but I'm still worried. Do any of you still have your influenza shot as non compliant? It felt so wrong leaving it like that.
  5. by   jdchrist89
    Dhh13 I think ull be fine from what I heard you should be good to go this fall. Why was ur influenza marked non-compliant?
  6. by   dhh13
    Thank you, I'm sure the same is true for you with your work experience and hopefully that recount will go well. As for the influenza, they don't have the new flu shot available yet- so I have to get it before the quarter starts. Which is ok with the program but I still don't like it.
  7. by   jdchrist89
    Oh I see that's good they are ok with it. I couldn't apply till now because my hep b shots werent finished it was a long wait. Crossing my fingers for us all!
  8. by   skcoffee
    Wow, 154 on the PAX is an awesome score! I scored in the 99th percentile also, but my composite score was 146. I heard 150 is hard to crack so that's pretty impressive!

    Did you guys do your pre-reqs at EVCC? Keep me posted if you hear anything back and I'll do the same!
  9. by   jdchrist89
    I took half my classes at Everett and half at North Seattle.
  10. by   dhh13
    I've taken all of my prereqs at EVCC except english which i took in high school. And I heard from the committee today! I got accepted! So make sure and check your emails, hopefully you guys got in as well!!
  11. by   skcoffee
    Same!! Congrats!
  12. by   avlrn2019
    I got in as well! My PAX score was 136 and my science GPA was 3.9.