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  1. Hi everyone! I recently completed my CNA class and exam, and submitted my application to the department of health mid-October. I just got a job as a PCT in a hospital, which I am SO excited about and feel very lucky to be able to start right away in a hospital. My orientation and training starts November 27th, but my problem is that I have not received my license from the state yet - my status on the registry isn't even "pending". The DOH is about a month behind right now, so at this rate I won't receive my license until after I'd be done with training. HR has mentioned to me that I need this to work, but no one on my unit has mentioned any issues for not having it, and I just got my training schedule today, so I don't think the unit knows (or cares?). I'm really afraid that if my license isn't posted in time, my start date could be pushed back (and I really need a job) or they may even give the position to someone else.
    My questions are: 1) how long did it take you to get your CNA license in Washington State? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process, like go to the department of health in person? And 2) Can I start the training without my license yet? I don't think I am supposed to, legally, but so far no one has called me out for it, and I should be signing the hiring papers this week, so I don't know if they'd actually act on it.
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas!
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  3. by   prenursingtheophilus
    So did you also take the test and pass it? Usually after you pass the test, from my experience it took about 2 months to show as "Active" on the DOH credential search which is what allows you to actually work as a CNA. I would ask the HR of your hospital you are applying to to see what their rules are for working as a PCT without an Active license.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  4. by   ktpineapple
    Update: it was still pending and I couldn't start. My status became active two days after my intended start date, so now I have to wait two weeks to begin at the next orientation cycle. For anyone wondering about processing time, it took 6 weeks exactly from my application sent in to my license becoming active.
  5. by   ktpineapple
    Thanks for your thoughts! That's about how long it took, and they were not open to letting me start orientation without it regardless of when I would be in contact with patients.