CNA Jobs?

  1. Ok all-

    I have a situation developing and hope maybe a few of you have some ideas...

    There's a GOOD possibility that I will need to find a new job while I'm in the nursing program. I work full time during that day now (non medical field), and that just won't work while I'm in the program. I will have my CNA in a few weeks, so I'm thinking that I will probably have to find some sort of CNA job while in the program.

    So, does anyone have any input on where to find a CNA position?
    Does anyone know what the pay range is??

    Any info would be helpful.

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  3. by   Irene joy
    I know in the tacoma area, they're all over the place. assisted living, nursing homes, adult day centers are all hiring. Half of the want ads in the paper is CNA or caregiver jobs. You can also apply with the local hospitals, but many want about a year of experiance. try though, you never know. Good Luck!