Clover Park Technical College Fall 2010-anyone?

  1. Is anyone on here attending Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, WA this Fall 2010? If so let me would be nice to know!
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  3. by   nomuramai
    hi there,

    i am not starting in the fall, but entering my 3rd qtr at clover park. so if you have questions i would be happy to help! good luck, there are some great instructors and some not so good...

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  4. by   mamayogibear
    I really need to start a program as soon as possible. I have my pre-reqs completed for BSN programs and an AA in pre nursing but I NEED to get a job as soon as possible so I am looking into a quick entry year long LPN program.
    How long is the waitlist for Clover Park Tech?
    How many hours a day is the program is it 8am till 4pm?
    Is there a LPN-RN program that the credits transfer to?
  5. by   nomuramai

    i do not know how long the waitlist is now, but i had to wait about a year and a half after i applied. the hours per day will vary, esp for the first two quarters, if you already have taken an equivalent course you will not have to retake it, officially for m-w it is 8-430 in the classroom, and either th or f in lab/clinical, so 4 days a week total. from the 3rd qtr on it is 1 day of class and 4 days of clinicals, so a full week. there is a rn bridge program as well. i hope that helps!