Anyone work for the VA Hospital Puget Sound Seattle?

  1. Hi all,

    I will be working in the VA puget sound and was wondering what are some of your experiences that you would like to tell or share with me. I looked and searched allnurses for past posts but the previous post was over 6 years ago and times have changed. Any positive qualities you like as a nurse working for the VA? Any negatives? Any perks and benefits that you enjoy? Flexibility? Any experiences would be great thanks!


    P.S. If it helps, I'm a student nurse going to work there for a VALOR summer internship from California and then plan to work there full time after graduation and I have had various experiences from 3 other VA facilities. I might as well say that I'll be moving to Seattle next year too and will be new to the area, kind of excited yet scared and nervous . I'm 22 too.
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  3. by   kdwicks
    Hey, that's really awesome! Where are you going to work in the hospital? I was working in Mental Health on the 7th floor! Great people!
  4. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    hey thanks! It seems like I'm getting positive feedbacks from other people too. I'm quite excited to work there and establish myself with the VA! I can't wait to be apart of the team and help out such an amazing place! I must say, I love working with vets too. I'm willing to learn a lot too and be like a sponge to soak up anything, I signed up for ICU.
    Thanks for the feed back! Makes me feel excited already!
  5. by   calliedog1
    Hi - Seattle is a great area to move to - I hope you liked it here. How was your VALOR summer internship? I'm going to school in OHIO and worked at the VA hospital there for one of my clinical rotations. I am moving back to Seattle next summer and want to work for the VA over the summer. Was it a good experience for you? Any tips on getting my foot in the door there? I love working with Vets, too!

  6. by   Jenngirl34RN
    My clinicals this quarter are at the VA on the spinal chord unit. I really like all of the nurses and NACs I have gotten the opportunity to work with, and they all keep telling us what an awesome place it is to work. Good luck!